“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

-Helen Keller


Our Friends personify the meaning of the word cooperation through their willingness to contribute to a common cause. Friends include the general public as well as MTM Certified Coaches who have renewed their support and commitment to MTMCA over the years. With deep appreciation we recognize those who have generously donated their time and monetary contributions to MTMCA and Tennis Kids For Life. Your support makes the difference for youth in tennis. Their future is in our hands!

(recurring donations)

Jim Anglin
David Baratko
Lukas Beman
Lucile Bosche´
Bert Bozeman
Zoilo Burgos
John Carpenter
Mark Carruthers
KK Cheong
Chuck Coleman
Ollen Dupree
John Frausto
Henning Frey
Dave & Diane Hall
Michael Hall
Jaime Haro
Peter Horna
Billy Rae Jackson
Jim Kane
Bob Kirchheimer
Tom Meyer
MTMCA Italia
Susan Nardi
Kazue Numazawa
Jennifer Nylen
Karin O’Dell
Sean Patterson
Mike Penna
Ariana Prince
Rick Salas
Bill Smith
Dave Stewart
Oscar Wegner
Anthony Yap

(one-time donations)

Helene Allen
Edle Bakke
Elliott & Isaac Barresi
The Body-n-Kline, LLC
Olive Bosche´
Renee Clark
Annette Fasteau
Diana Houser
Justin Jacobs
Karen Matthews
Fanessa Packard
Jason Perez
Steve Rand
The Rosenthal Family
Jeff Vine
Tu Xu
Carole Zemlyn

PVRPD MTM Classes:

Modern Intermediate Adult Winter 2014
Easy Tennis Spring 2014
Modern Kids Summer 2014
Modern Juniors Summer 2014


Tim Bowles
Oscar Wegner

(contribute to events)

Jorge Aguirre
Raymond Alemania
Mark Angiano
Lucile Bosche´
Stuart Bramer
Alain Brouillaud
Tom Boulay
Bert  Bozeman
Eleonora Calderaro
John Carrizosa
Sam Chadwell
Demian Dacosta
Sparky Farrell
Gage Gallagher
Jimmy Gleason
Russell Grogan
Don Harring
Jonathan Hertlein
Bob Kraft
Suzanna McGee
Ty Metcalfe
Matt Miller
Susan Nardi
Brice Pace
Fernando Periera
Al Schwimmer
Judd Sciortino
Johnny Staph
Chuck Tomlin
Danny Van der Rieten
Gary Victor
Shelly Works

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