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Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM) is a system of teaching tennis developed over the past 45 years by former tour player and world-renowned coach, Oscar Wegner.  The system is based on allowing the player to use instinct and natural movement together with fundamental techniques that emulate the best strokes of the all-time great players in tennis, hence the slogan, “Play Like The Pros”. These fundamentals include an emphasis on open stance, highly developed hand-eye coordination, impeccable timing characterized by waiting rather than early preparation of the stroke, and absence of self-conscious emphasis on footwork. The simplicity of the method is summed in the phrase “Find, Feel, Finish”. 

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In 2007 Oscar and a handful of dedicated coaches personally trained in MTM by Oscar himself got together in Los Angeles to establish a coaching organization dedicated to improving the level of tennis instruction worldwide. The purpose of MTMCA is to make available to the masses a tennis methodology that will, when applied diligently, result in a greater sense of ability, enthusiasm and interest in this wonderful sport. Today over 600 coaches around the globe utilize MTM to introduce new players to tennis with fast and lasting results, and help experienced players take their game to ever-higher levels of competence to achieve their personal best.  We seek to realize our purpose with resoluteness, determination and a vision of clarity, good will and kindness, intended to help people play a better game, in tennis and in life.  We invite you to join us.

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